Namrata Chowdhury

They say a daughter’s beauty spot lies in her dad’s heart.
Paternal bond once established, elevates the dream world of his princess’s. Every hue has a story that adores her hero in forms!
But, the count of shades ain’t enough!

To some precision, there is a day devoted to all those heroes.
“Father’s Day” and it’s all so joyful!


There are Badges of honor & then there's my father.
He, who's capably strict into his boots, brave and kind.
Growing up, what I have noticed is that the way he has
defined his life is not the usual.

For he carries on with others' lives, in the name of…

The sand in my bruise
I woke up to excuse
Tripping off my face
I bled in my race.

The towers stood high
I only wanted to fly
The savour of the termination
Was never my determination.

It’s gruelling now
to tie the rope anyhow.
I’ll wait for my trek
to arrive to not break.

The wound will heal
and I’ll recover my zeal
I’ll beg of the natural satellite
for a second life’s delight.

The rattle of the teacups stuffed in anxiety within my soul for a cause. It reminded me of how messy our hands used to be. How brutally we climbed our temptations until charged with a danger ahead. But, did the mat lay bare thereafter? I struggled to figure out what…

I’m a complex box of dirty socks.
I stink for life in your paradise.
You dump me over your schedule,
I dip inside that lumpy module.

I wear a rug inside your mug,
sleep on mat like your cat.
Rotten stuffs overwhelm me
I’m loyal to your bugs, you see.

Your grassy lies climbed up my highs,
inside the tunnel of everlasting sighs.

The turbulence in my ride
almost kept me uptight.

The smeared blood in my gazes
that the moon has named “bad phases”.

Crossing recklessly the memory lane,
my heart curled up in disdain.
Reserving the real ordeal for the…

When they say you wore your dress wrong, you’d better ask them to behave. Shut them up with an attitude of your setting trends well, instead. Privately bumped into a mistake; The one of joy.

Who told catalogs serve you with instincts? Let me spoil the well set gooey cake…

Namrata Chowdhury

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