There are Badges of honor & then there's my father.
He, who's capably strict into his boots, brave and kind.
Growing up, what I have noticed is that the way he has
defined his life is not the usual.

For he carries on with others' lives, in the name of his own,
giving justice to the odds, trying to make it all even,
working hard across ordinary days or festivals.
That's the manner he protects & serves all as one family.

At home, he's the one I vouch my mind's ugliest battles
with. All for the sake of getting a direction to handle
the rage of a common (or not) warzone.
The most important thing that he has ever taught me is:
Calmness in the face of fire is the biggest strength & I
must bow down to it for a lifetime.

The song that I can relate to the most while defining
my dad in 2 lines is the famous one from the
Green Day- 21 Guns:

"Do you know what's worth fighting for
When it's not worth dying for?"

To this, my Dad would answer: "Service to my Nation"

He ‘s a proud policeman who shoots away all the gloom
to give us a life worth living, that's how he illuminates
our days with sprinkles of love & frolic.